• Achieve personal and professional growth by learning from leaders in the field of Communication Skills training with expertise in business and a solid background in education. Our case-study and role-play methods assure your active involvement Read More
  • What are the gaps and barriers that prevent newcomers from finding good positions in their field of expertise? Inadequate communication skills and lack of Canadian workplace and cultural experience provide the most immediate roadblocks. "A Read More
  • In Canada, the integration of internationally-trained workers into the labour force is a pressing issue. As is the case with other industrialized nations, Canada’s economy faces the challenges of labour shortages, increasing need for skilled Read More
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CSP Online Solutions

Live, Trainer-Led Sessions

  • CSP Online is exclusively designed for industry and profession-specific needs (E.g. IT, Engineering, Finance, etc...)
  • All programs measure progress and we design content using nationally and internationally recognized benchmarks
  • KIOSK leverages the latest interactive online distance education technologies for the delivery of its live CSP programs
  • All CSP sessions are trainer-led and available for groups and individuals
  • A maximum group size (8 participants) applies to group programs ensuring results

CSP Online Demo

  • This is a demo of our CSP Online Sessions


  • KIOSK is currently partnered with the Certified General Accountants (CGA) of Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration in the design and delivery of an online, trainer-led Communication Skills for Professionals program
  • CSP for CGA Online provides selected participants with the necessary tools and strategies to succeed as leaders in their workplace
  • Click here to learn more about CSP for CGA Online

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  • KIOSK CSP signs new agreement with top Mongolian university.
    KIOSK will be offering online programs to students and professionals primarily through the university's E-Institute.  The agreement includes the training of both students and staff of the university as well as corporate partners in Mining, Engineering and Medical fields.  Classes are already under way.

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