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Diagnostic Assessment


“87% of senior executives said inadequate language skills stopped them from hiring IEPs”
In contrast, “very few of those IEPs saw their language as inadequate.”

Compas Research Survey


How would you rate your Professional Communication Skills? – Click HERE for a free Diagnostic Assessment


Q: What is a Diagnostic Assessment?

A: A testing tool that precisely identifies the functional language skills of an individual. The results are benchmarked according to strict performance standards established by business and industry. The Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) matrix has 12 levels. Most high functioning professionals require Level 10 to be effective in their jobs. 

Q: What skills are tested?

A: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking are assessed, and a numeric CLB value assigned.

Q: What are the benefits of being assessed?

A: Individuals can know precisely what strengths and weaknesses they have and use this knowledge to take appropriate measures to improve their communication skills. Organizations can identify how best to intervene in the professional development of their IEP employees. Improved communication skills improve productivity, quality and the bottom line. Further, team development strategies and training initiatives are more effectively implemented. Employee motivation and quality of work life improves with enhanced communication skills.

Q: When should the assessment be done?

A: Any time! Pre-employment, annual performance reviews, or when an organization or individual is ready.

Q: How is the assessment conducted?

A: There are three parts to the assessment: A written part, a speaking part and a personal debriefing of the results and recommendations. All of the data is confidential, purely diagnostic and designed to be an insightful and positive tool to further personal and professional development. The assessment can be conducted on line, in person, for individuals, or for groups. All assessed professionals will have a personal consultation with a diagnostic language expert, and will receive a detailed written summary of the results and recommendations for further skills development.

Q: How long does the assessment take?

A: The full process will take approximately 2 hours.

Q: What happens after the assessment process is completed?

A: After the assessment, the expressed recommendations can be effected in consultation with KIOSK and the sponsoring employer.

The communication skills gap remains a chief barrier to professional success and development for IEPs

KIOSK, working with IEP’s since 1978. Trust experience for success.


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