• Achieve personal and professional growth by learning from leaders in the field of Communication Skills training with expertise in business and a solid background in education. Our case-study and role-play methods assure your active involvement Read More
  • What are the gaps and barriers that prevent newcomers from finding good positions in their field of expertise? Inadequate communication skills and lack of Canadian workplace and cultural experience provide the most immediate roadblocks. "A Read More
  • In Canada, the integration of internationally-trained workers into the labour force is a pressing issue. As is the case with other industrialized nations, Canada’s economy faces the challenges of labour shortages, increasing need for skilled Read More
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The CSP Solution


Diagnostic Assessment

  • An excellent pre-employment or employee development tool
  • Available for organizations or individuals
  • Written and oral assessments benchmarked for precision
  • Follow-up reports and comprehensive debriefing that map out learner specific communication skills gaps and objectives
  • Essential tool for achieving success

Customized Communication Solutions

Integrated Skills Courses

  • Are offered at all Canadian Language Benchmark levels
  • Delivery on-site or online via KIOSK virtual platform (trainer-led)
  • Dynamic group training sessions that simulate on the job situations through role plays, discussions, presentations and meetings
  • Practice with topics that include all language skills:
    • Reading comprehension, writing, listening, clear speaking, grammar, vocabulary, idioms and slang
    • Problem solving, negotiations, clarifications, agreeing and disagreeing, building consensus, interrupting, oral and written summaries
    • Learn about Canadian business culture
  • Build confidence and develop self-learning and self-correction techniques with peers
  • Address all of the language skills and issues related to professional communications

Specific Skill Courses

  • Are offered at all CLB info, CEFR info or PSC info levels
  • Delivery on-site or online with KIOSK trainer / coach
  • Available for group or individual sessions
  • Speaking outcomes:  (samples)
    • Correct pronunciation of sounds, phrases and sentences
    • Reduce accents
    • Develop strategies to assure listener understands you
    • Learn techniques for accurate listening
    • For more detail, refer to the benchmark matrices
  • Reading outcomes (samples):
    • Examine the variety of written messages and documents that professionals are required to read and comprehend
    • Develop strong vocabulary skills
    • Develop the skills required to understand subtleties, nuance and the points of view of writers
  • Grammar sample outcomes:
    • Review all aspects of applied English grammar
    • Examine professional workplace readings to develop an analytical understanding of strategic grammar usage in context
  • Writing sample outcomes:
    • Write a variety of messages and documents that your profession requires
    • Eliminate errors in written communications
    • Write effectively and strategically  in all professional situations
    • Learn to use appropriate register (degree of formality) at all times
    • Perfect email messages

Other Options

  • Private and semi-private tutoring offers maximum flexibility in scheduling and programming for professionals who have special circumstances. Tutoring may take place at the client’s location, at KIOSK, online or via the telephone
  • Introducing new technologies or processes? New quality initiatives or health standards? Need help designing instructional materials that are effective with ESL employees? Talk to a KIOSK Communication Consultant. We can design the ESL communication solution for your business

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  • KIOSK CSP signs new agreement with top Mongolian university.
    KIOSK will be offering online programs to students and professionals primarily through the university's E-Institute.  The agreement includes the training of both students and staff of the university as well as corporate partners in Mining, Engineering and Medical fields.  Classes are already under way.

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